New Spring Buzz Books Up To 40% Off @ Chapters Indigo Canada

New Spring Buzz Books Up To 40% Off @ Chapters Indigo Canada

It isn't often that newly released books go on sale for as much as 40% off. The books in this list are well worth checking out, the selection of books available at a discount is enough to keep any bibliophile happy!

This particular book offered here at 28% off, made me want to sleep... and sleep some more - but in a good way! Wouldn't it be great to be very well rested on a day to day basis? Author Arianna Huffington has completed enough research to truly understand just how important sleep is to a person's well-being in her book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Sleep One Night At A Time. Huffington's book is selling for $25, down from $35. As a Mom, I happen to know that the cost of this book is well worth the price, because you pay a much heftier price the next day if you don't feel rested. ;) I think any Mom will agree, and even more so if you are the Mom of a newborn!

Here's an interesting book, "The Name Therapist: How Growing Up With My Odd Name Taught Me Everything You Need To Know About…" It's on sale for $24 down from $32, and it actually ties into one of our posts on Bargainmoose that explores that very same subject!

From the 'about' section on the Chapters/Indigo website link pertaining to this book, you will see why the author felt compelled to write this book: "A child of Irish and Egyptian immigrants to Canada, Duana Taha became fascinated by names, not least because hers felt awkward at best and impossible at worst. She believed that names explained not only who you were, but where you came from and who you could be. She became a name nerd, and later a name snob, before settling into the role she was born to play—a Name Therapist, giving straight talk baby-and-grown-up-name advice to just about everyone."

Shipping is free on order over $25, otherwise starts at around $7. Remember, you can also opt for the 'Free in-store pick-up option' if you order on-line, but plan on spending under $25 on your purchase. Saves you on shipping if you spend under $25, and gets your foot into the physical doors of a fantastic book store to find some more great deals!

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