Icy Drinks 24/7 For $129.99 @ London Drugs

Icy Drinks 24/7 For $129.99 @ London Drugs

Many people have built in ice dispensers in their fridge. The taste of ice that is made or stored in a freezer is not nearly as good as when made fresh, in an ice maker appliance.

How convenient it is when you have guests over for a BBQ!

This is something that seldom seems to go on sale, but I noticed that London Drugs has it on sale for $129.99, down from the regular price of $169.99. You can purchase this in white or black. Amazon.ca is selling it for $149.99, but it won't ship for 1 - 2 months. Looks like making ice is a hot commodity in the summer time.

This is the same model that my family uses. There's two sizes of ice cubes, small or large but I can't see the point of setting it to make small cubes, when the large ones are not very large. They are the perfect size in drinks, though.

One great thing about the ice design is that it seems to cools the drinks fast; maybe because there are holes right in the middle of the cubes, the ice touches more of the liquid's surface.

In 24 hours you could make 26 pounds of ice! You can make one batch in 6 minutes. There's no odour or 'off' taste on the ice cubes from being stored in the freezer because these ice cubes are made fresh. That is the biggest perk of using this, I think.

The kids love using this too, we just keep a scoop nearby in a cup so they can scoop some out.

Shipping starts at $7.95 on this item, or you may be able to select to pick it up in-store. If you spend over $200, your order will ship for free, so you may want to look around online for a bit to see if there's anything you would want to add into your cart.


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