Hunter Mohair Boot Socks Were $55 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

Hunter Mohair Boot Socks Were $55 | Now $25 & Free Shipping


If you own Hunter boots, then you have probably invested in a pair of Hunter brand boot socks. These women's Mohair Boot Socks are on sale from $55 down to $25. They are the best deal in the Hunter sock section of the sale. As per usual, all orders come with free shipping.

While I often find sales on the tall boot socks - as they seem more prevalent - it is rare to find such a steep discount. Hunter is a well-respected brand name and their products are well loved. Especially when it comes to accessories for their most popular product: the tall Hunter wellie rain boot.

These socks come in three different colours: bright lavender, bright watermelon, and sky blue. These tall boot socks are made from microfleece that is extremely comfortable and warm. While they are designed to be worn in the Hunter rain boots for a better fit, they can also be worn like over-sized slipper-socks around the house. The floor in my place gets really cold during the winter and these socks are a dream. There is a honeycomb-knit cuff in a textured mohair blend. You can either wear these socks high or they can be worn folded over to add a contrasting detail to your Hunter wellies.

There are only two sizes for boot socks: medium and large. You can consult the Hunter size chart to figure out which size you take. I wear a size UK5 / US7 Hunter rain boot, and my current socks are a size medium. Anything larger than a size 7 US, and you will probably need the large socks.

I find it difficult to find a good sale on the short boot socks as I own the short wellies. In the Hunter Canada sale, I also found both traditional short boot socks and fitted short boot socks on sale from $30 down to $21 per pair. I own a pair of the original boot socks in red as it was the only colour I could find on sale at the time. I much prefer this Dusty Petrol, which is kind of like a muted blue. At only $21 with free shipping, I might just pick up another pair.

Now, the fitted boot socks are a bit of a different kettle of fish. These are a fitted sock made of soft polyfleece. The top of the sock features a ribbed, elasticated band to keep your socks up. While these are also designed for use with the Hunter short rain boots, these will fit snugly to your leg for additional warmth and comfort. There are two colour options available: dusty lavender and dusty petrol.

Check out these and other great Hunter sock deals on their website.

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