Humble Bundle Spring Sale Up to 93% Off Games

Humble Bundle Spring Sale Up to 93% Off Games


Humble Bundle is hosting a spring sale on their website. Some deals will be available for the entire duration of the sale while other deals change every 24 hours (on a 1 PM EST cycle). I wanted to let you know about the sale and point out some of today's deals!

You will receive a Steam code for all of these games as game redemption (and play) is through Steam Powered (for most of the games). That means you can get great deals on games and still play them on your favourite gaming platform.

There is a dollar deal every day of this sale. Today's deal is Men of War : Vietnam Special Edition, which was $14.99 and is now on sale for $0.99. Men of War: Vietnam Special Edition includes the full version of Men of War: Vietnam ($10.99 on Steam) plus bonus maps and content that is not included in the original game ($5.49 on Steam). The original game has mixed reviews but the expansion has 100% positive responses on Steam.

There are many other games on sale for high discounts. This cute Bridge Constructor Medieval game looks to be a lot of fun for people into building games, puzzles, and cute graphics. The game costs $10.99 on Steam, but is only $1.99 through Humble Bundle. One reviewer on Steam said:

Combines simplified bridge building with Total War. Build a great bridge to keep your warriors safe and resources moving. Build a crap bridge to get the enemy past the point of no return, only to have the structure fail.

This sounds like a game that I would enjoy.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate is another cute game at a fantastic price. Originally $9.99, the game is on sale for $0.99 at Humble Bundle. The game will give you hours of entertainment for a loonie. You play Tikiman, the Forest Defender, who needs to place defence towers around his realm to keep the monsters from eating his little ones. Think of the children! The game is currently $10.99 on Steam Powered.

I assume all Humble Bundle prices are in USD. Even so, these prices are extraordinarily good and you should check back each day for new deals. The Humble Bundle sale really gives you the opportunity to load up on games for pocket change. The entire spring sale goes through the 21st of May.

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