Human Face Dog Masks Are A Thing And They Are Seriously Freaky!

You're dog will NEVER forgive you!
Human Face Dog Masks Are A Thing And They Are Seriously Freaky!

My goodness I never thought I'd ever see something quite as bizarre as these human face dog masks. eBay Store: xyfs-us are selling them from as little as $5.02 with FREE shipping thrown in. That's if you can dare to look at your doggo with one of these on.

Human Face Dog Masks

You may be wondering what the heck you are looking at, and it's a human face dog mask - sure it looks like some kind of drug-induced horror, but it's really a thing.

Who doesn't want to see their dog with a pouting human mouth, right?!

Made from latex, the mask is soft and rubbery, so it's easy enough to slip onto your dogs face. There's elasticated string to keep it on too.

These are made as a novelty item, rather than something your dog would wear for any length of time. They are ideal for taking a funny photo of your dog, although they will probably resent you for the rest of their days.

By the looks of things these would sit better on flat faced breeds like pugs or french bulldogs rather than those with long snouts.

Again, don't have these on your dog for any prolonged period, as they may not provide sufficient airflow for your pup.

This item is coming from China so it probably won't arrive for at least 3 weeks, and you may be subjected to additional charges due to tax etc.

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  • Joanne C.

    I kinda see your pups wearing these!

    • Keera


      • Tana B.

        This is creepy

        • Carrie P.

          For Zero lol