HS Sweden: Free Shipping & 30% Discount

HS Sweden: Free Shipping & 30% Discount


HS Sweden is offering free shipping and 30% off any size order of their fantastic socks or tights.

Usually, HS Sweden requires a minimum purchase of four pairs of socks in order to receive free shipping. With this promotion, you can finally just try out their socks with no obligation to buy a certain number of pairs. With the 30% off, it is certainly worth picking up your favourite print if you can pick just one.

HS Sweden makes socks for men, women, and children. They also make tights for women and children with the same fun patterns and colours. Their selection of socks is massive: there are so many different patterns to choose from including dots, stripes, animal print, Hawaiian, argyle and more.

The regular socks for men and women cost $13 a pair, so after discount they will come down only $9.10 a pair. The knee-high stockings are regularly $16 a pair, and would come down to just $11.20 after you add them to your cart. The knee-high stockings are a fantastic style: they keep my entire legs warm and look super cute.  I think the big dot pattern looks the best (in purple/white). They also do over the knee socks, which are wicked cool and cost $22 regularly. Add a pair to your cart and they come down to just $15.40. I like the colour-blocking pattern.

Tights for women are completely sold out, which is disappointing because I own HS tights and they are awesome. My favourite socks from HS are actually their cheapest, go figure! The low socks are essentially ankle socks and they are my go-to socks for around the house and wearing sneakers. They usually costs $12 and will come down to just $8.40 in your cart. I might pick up a couple pairs as I have worn through all my pairs.

I am sort of the Happy Socks expert at Bargainmoose due to my drawer full of about 100 pairs of their socks. They are the only socks I wear and you can guarantee that if I am wearing a pair of socks, they are HS Sweden socks. I am wearing a pair of yellow HS Sweden socks with black polka dots as I write this post!

These socks make a great gift for you or for others. Give them to a new graduate, your Dad, your best friend, or bring them to a gift exchange. This offer cannot be combined with our exclusive HS Sweden coupon.

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