H&R Block Canada: Student Tax Return + Free SPC Card for $29.95

H&R Block Canada: Student Tax Return + Free SPC Card for $29.95

You're a student, you're busy, you're stressed and its both finals and tax time. Been there, done that! The last two years I used this fantastic service from H&R Block. If you are a student you can get your tax return done and an SPC Card (worth $10) for only $29.95 at H&R Block. They make taxes SIMPLE! You can also get your refund on the spot - which is so nice when you are a student and always needing money!

This isn't just a tax software. You literally walk in with your envelope of T-slips and receipts, and they do all the work for you. You just walk out with a check. This made tax time so much easier on me these last few years. Professionals did my taxes and I just had to give 1/2 hour to an hour of my time.This deal is obviously available in 'store' only. Bring a valid student ID or your appropriate student T slip for eligibility.

With this deal there is no excuse not to take care of your taxes.

But for those of you looking to download software and do it yourself, there's an exclusive H&R Block coupon code for 50% discount here.

Expiry: End of tax season 2012


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