HP USB External DVDRW Drive ($33, reg. $55) @ HP Canada

HP USB External DVDRW Drive ($33, reg. $55) @ HP Canada

You can save $20 on the HP Canada Website if you spend over $100 by using the code MEGA20on100 during checkout. HP always offers free shipping, too.

Or, choose to save 40% on all accessories by using code ACCMEGA16 during checkout. (This excludes all smartwatches and displays.)

If you're weary of a mouse with a 'clicker' or scroll that doesn't work, here's a great mouse to try - the HP Z3700is sleek and has gorgeous contrasting colours. You can choose from black, red or blue. It has HP quality and high performance behind it. It's $17.99 after 40% discount.

I'm happy that this compact HP USB External DVDRW Drive is back in stock! I ordered one recently for my notebook and it's so good I've been waiting for it to come back just so I could tell you about it. The price is only $32.99 when you save 40% off of the $54.99 reg. price.

I love the external DVDRW drive because many models available right now don't offer the ability to write to a DVD disc - this one does! (DVD discs have far more space and are cheaper than CD-Roms.) A person should always have this on hand.

Shipping is free!


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