How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Pillow $14.31 & Free Shipping @

How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Pillow $14.31 & Free Shipping @


How to Train Your Dragon was a fantastic movie, and I have heard really good things about the second movie as well. If your child is a Toothless fan, pick them up this 15" How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Night Fury Plush Cushion Pillow for $14.31 with free shipping.

I like that Toothless has been turned into a big fat plush pillow complete with a head, wings, and a tail. This pillow looks super comfy and it will double as a plush toy for your child to play with. This pillow might even make it easier for you to put your child down for a nap when they are resting their head on Toothless the Dragon. He was certainly my favourite character in How to Train Your Dragon and - for most kids - this is probably true.

This pillow is sold by a marketplace seller shot-in who has 4.4 stars out of five over the past 12 months (275 ratings). Given this rating, I figured this was a respectable seller with whom customers are pleased. This pillow is so cute and the large size (15") and popular character will make it it an instant hit with kids.


I did price compare this pillow with other sellers and this was the lowest price I could find! The same plush was on sale at Aliexpress for $16.14 and sold individually for $23.48 at DH Gate. Wholesale - 40 pieces or more - they were a bit cheaper. They sell for $24.99 on eBay Canada with over 50 units sold at that price. This toy has also really gone up the ranks on Amazon Canada, so I know it is a popular item right now.

Are you a fan of How to Train Your Dragon? If so, drop us a line with your favourite dragon below. There are so many cool dragons to choose from, I would love to hear from you (or your kid!). Deals like this tend to change price rapidly once they become popular so please buy sooner rather than risk missing out.

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