Hotprints Free Photo Book!

Hotprints Free Photo Book!


This offer sounds almost too good to be true - a totally free photo book, with free shipping, and you don't even have to enter your credit card details!

When I first saw this offer, I thought it sounded a bit dodgy, but it does appear to be legitimate. Here's a brief sentence from their site which explains what it is and how they work:

HotBook is a photo book with 16 pages (including the covers) that you can design and create yourself online, using your own photos. HotBook is 20cm wide x 25cm high.

We have teamed up with select partners to sponsor one free photo book per month per customer. Yes, even the shipping and handling are free! Only applies to HotBooks, and is currently limited to HotBooks to be shipped to addresses in the US, UK and Canada.

You can order 1 free photo book every month, and some people have been doing this for this a few months in a row.

I believe this offer has been around for a little while now. I googled to see if many people have received it and apparently they have! Most people state that the adverts in the centre of the book can be easily removed, and haven't done any harm to the actual photo book.

I haven't used Hotprints myself yet, so here are some views from around the internets from people who actually received this free photo book:

I have gotten two so far and they are nice for free! [Shoppingfrugal]

I have personally gotten these before and my kids thought it was the coolest thing. I love that you can get one free every month!!! [whosaidnothinginlifeisfree]

Have you had a free photo book from Hotprints before? What was your opinion?


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  • Two K.
    Be warned of their Terms Of Service: "We shall have the right to use, copy, distribute, print and disclose to third parties any images uploaded by you and any other materials for the purpose of providing the Services. For the avoidance of doubt, our right to use your images and intellectual property rights shall continue in perpetuity regardless of whether you terminate your use of the Services. "
    • Anna
      While that is an annoying caveat, I've seen similar on a few major photo sites too. I wonder if it applies when you are linking through Facebook though.
    • TJ
      This is from the Kodak gallery website and sounds pretty similar to Hot Prints. I guess if you are going to upload pictures, then they are no longer exclusively yours..... 23.Image Rights, Sharing and "Favorites" Kodak Canada does not claim ownership rights in any image contained in your account. In order to enable us to display your images through the Service (for example, in slideshows and on sample merchandise) and fulfill any orders for you or others who have access to your images, you grant to Kodak Canada a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, distribute and display those images.
      • Stephanie
        Thanks for this link!! I just got back from Florida and would love to try this out with some of my pictures :)
        • Carol-Ann
          "April News! You have one free book credit and from now on you will automatically get one FREE HotBook each calendar month (including shipping) sponsored by our select partners. The advertisements will be removable inserts and will NOT share the page with any of your photos. Only valid for HotBooks shipped to USA, UK and Canada (offer subject to change). You can always pay for an ad-free book for a very reasonable cost!."
          • Shayne
            I don't see the issue with the company claiming legals right over the photos.. I mean most of them are just going to be family photos.. so what if they use them. Obviously if the company decides that they are good enough to be published, if anything you should feel honored! Just finished making mine, hopefully they quality is good! I am wondering if they are printed on photo paper, because i am curious to se how that would look after a few people have handled it.. hopefully its card stock or something that doesn't collect fingerprints. Looking forward to getting mine! This is BY FAR the best deal from bargainmoose! :D
            • Anna
              Let me know what you guys think when you get your book please!
              • TJ
                I asked the company about their terms of service and this was their reply: "This item in our Terms & Conditions confirms that we, and any printer services we use, can use your photos "for the purpose of providing the Services", i.e. storing your photos for preparing, processing and printing your HotBook photo book, HotCalendar photo calendar or any other HotPrints products. We will not use any customers' photos in any way, except for providing the HotPrints service to them. The second sentence is regarding the storage of photos on the server: when photos are deleted, it's similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer, so the files may physically exist for a while longer, but the files won't be available. Also, deleted photos may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others). " I thought it was a good reply and I'm not worried about using their service. I'm excited to get my book!
                • Stephanie
                  I just logged in to check the status of my book and it says it's been shipped! Hopefully I get it soon. I will let you all know what it's like.
                  • Stephanie
                    I finally got my hot prints book in the mail yesterday! It is great! The ads are only 2 pages which are in the center of the book...very easy to remove. The quality is really good and it's a decent size as well (almost 8.5 x 11). I would definitely order another one in the future!!
                    • TJ
                      I got my book too - and it's cool. The ads were super easy to take out. But... I just got an email from hotprints and it isn't going to be free to ship to Canada starting May 1. So that's too bad.
                      • Anna
                        Oh No, and I only found it this month!