Hot! 58% Off Oil-Less Rosewill Air Fryer- $104.99! (Retail $249.99) + Free Shipping @!

Hot! 58% Off Oil-Less Rosewill Air Fryer- $104.99! (Retail $249.99) + Free Shipping @!

This Rosewill RHAF-15003 1400 W Oil-Less Low Fat Digital Touch Screen Air Fryer - 3.3 Quarts (3.2 L), Black is on sale for $104.99 (You save a whopping $145, since it is 58% off of the regular retail price!) at

Why would a person need one of these if they already have a good deep fryer? I have wondered the same thing myself, and actually, there are more than a few reasons to use an Air Fryer, over a traditional fryer. Food will be healthier, since it's not absorbing extra fat from the oils. The taste will be lighter than traditionally fried foods, but will still be much crisper than in an ordinary oven.

Frying with a traditional deep fryer that uses a lot of oil can be dangerous around kids, pets, and even adults, since grease spatters and can cause fires.

The smell of fried food in the home takes days to disperse if you use a deep fryer with oil. The greasy smell sticks to your coats so heavily in the winter. I once hung a coat by the kitchen as we were deep frying onion rings. The next day when I wore it out, the odour of the oil was really bad, I left my coat in the trunk of the car as soon as I realized how badly the oil smell had clung to it.

The cleanup with inches upon inches of oil on the pot that has to be strained or drained is so messy! (Ha, I am imagining an infomercial now. They would show a kitchen with 25 different frying baskets, and a disheveled woman obviously over-worked.)

This Rosewill Air Fryer can actually cook your food to the temp. you set. I love this feature. Seven programs for various foods (steak, chips, etc.) are provided. You can also manually adjust the cooking temp. and time.

The digital touch screen makes it easier to use than a standard light on your deep fryer showing you whether or not temperature has been reached.

Save money on oil—each time you fry, you will be using less than 1 tbsp of oil!

This next point was a selling point for one of our Bargainmoose writers—as soon as she heard 'cake' she was sold! The Air Fryer can can also grill, roast, and bake.

So then, it's true, you heard it here. You really can have your cake and eat it, too.

Shipping is free with the purchase of this Rosewill Oil-Less Air Fryer! (This is a special time-limited promotion on this item.)

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