HitFilm 2 Express Video Editor Completely FREE - $150 Value!

HitFilm 2 Express Video Editor Completely FREE - $150 Value!


Get the HitFilm 2 Express Video Editor for absolutely free right now! Go! Get it!

This is a ridiculously good deal. Like, really good. You get HitFilm 2 Express for free. Not a two week free trial. Not a licence that will expire. Not some crippled version of the program. This is the full working program. Now HitFilm is no Adobe Premiere but it is a very powerful editor. You can check out all the features like visual effects, editing, direct upload, motion tracking, layer compositing and more right here. You'll also notice that they offer a bunch of video tutorials and they have a pretty rocking community so if you are new to the whole thing, well, HitFilm will help you out!

I only found out about this deal because of the guys at Film Riot who, as it turns out, did a review of HitFilm a while back.  Even if you aren't interested in the review, you should watch it just to see the sketch at the beginning. It's pretty awesome, especially since it was all done in HitFilm. I think, and I'm not 100% sure of this, but the review is for a different version of HitFilm so keep that in mind. Some features will likely vary.

I love it when a company trusts in their product so much that they are willing to give away a trial of their product but this is a whole other level. HitFilm is just giving you a complete free version of the program and are trusting that the product is good enough that it will sell itself. This is a company that has confidence in their product and you don't make a move like this without having a great product.

The program is normally $149 USD but you get it for free. Even if you aren't a video editor, you might as well get a copy just to have it. It's free so why not!? It's a digital download so no shipping.

(Expires: 4th February 2014)


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