Secrets for the Best Iced Coffee - Ever!

Secrets for the Best Iced Coffee - Ever!

For Christmas, my husband bought me a cold brewer coffee pot. You can make cold brew coffee that's ideal for making iced coffee drinks using freshly ground beans and the taste is nothing short of amazing. Once you click on the link below, head to the 'available from these sellers.' Make sure to select seller JAPACOMO who has Amazon fulfill the order so you'll get it right away instead of in several weeks when it ships from other vendors.

I've made several batches since getting it and it couldn't be easier. The reason it tastes bold yet so smooth is that the acidity is largely reduced when brewed in this manner. It takes 24 hours to make. Stick freshly ground coffee beans of your choice into the inner core unit, cover with water, place in the fridge and stir every now and again if want to (but you don't have to.) It smells so good though when you stir it after it has had some time to start brewing. The coffee you brew can last for up to 2 weeks but definitely won't if you're a Canadian! You'll drink it before then.

The coffee is bold enough to make the most delicious iced English toffee 'macchiatos' (even though it's not espresso.) Here's my recipe.

  • Put 2 pumps of Amoretti vanilla syrup, ($13.79) and 1 pump of Amoretti English Toffee ($19.39) into a tall glass.
  • Pour in around 400 ml of iced coffee from the cold brewer,
  • Top with around 100 ml of milk. I use skim, but you can use whatever type you like.
  • Stir it up.
  • Throw some ice cubes in the glass.
  • Drizzle with Amoretti Butterscotch syrup ($20.70) on the top. You can also use Smuckers Butterscotch sundae topping if you prefer.

I use the Amoretti syrups often. The large size bottles are 25.4 ounces and will last a long time. They're shelf stable, too for many months and they look GREAT at my coffee bar. The vanilla syrup is a rich golden tone with sparkles in it! The ones sold at are sold by Amazon Seller: Amoretti and the order is fulfilled by Amazon.

So... That's one of my New Year's Resolutions, to save money on expensive store bought brewed iced coffee drinks.

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