Halloween Costumes @ Old Navy Now

Halloween Costumes @ Old Navy Now


Over on the Canadian Old Navy Facebook page, they've announced that their Halloween costumes are now available to buy in-store. I know it's very very early to be planning for your kids Halloween costumes, but how can you resist!!

UPDATE: You can now buy online too:

The costumes look really cute! There are a few pics of them on the Facebook page, and I can see mini sharks, bees, batman, pumpkins, fairies, cupcakes and more!  The cheeseburger looks brilliant!

Prices are mentioned in US dollars, so it will probably be different in your local Canadian store.

My little girl is 3 months old now, so she will be a grand total of 5 months old when Halloween comes. I cannot wait to dress her up! I don't know if I will just grab a good deal on a store bought baby halloween  costume, or come up with something home-made, for a bit of fun. I've seen an awful lot of pictures round the internet where parents have laboriously outfitted their baby in brilliant costumes, such as this alien chestburster!



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  • Melissa
    THANK YOU for the reminder! It really sucks to have to find a costume last minute, when there's nothing left. :) I'm going to check them out!
    • Breanne
      I was just in ON yesterday and they didn't have any costumes out (Chinook Mall, Calgary location) but I'll keep my eyes peeled!
      • Faye
        Don't buy yet!!! Their baby and toddler sale isn't that far off, I forget when it is but it's well before Halloween and the outfits will be 30% off. There was lots of selection last year, and I'll be waiting this year too. These outfits are great for toddlers (i have an almost 3 yr old) for trick or treating, not so great for indoor parties because they are so warm and cozy. So adorable!
        • Cheryl
          My son was just 6 weeks old when Halloween came around last year. I bought his costume as soon as they were available because anything 0-6 months sells out soooo quickly. If you really like a costume, I say buy it and if it goes on sale go and get the difference. I would hate to wait for a sale and then the costume I wanted to buy be sold out.
          • Janet
            When my daughter was 3 months old Halloween rolled around and I had a zillion ideas to dress her up. In the end I got a great deal on a Piglet jacket/pants combo thing at Wal-mart for $14 (seen them there 3 years in a row now). It wasn't an official "costume" - but sure did the trick. Plus she used the jacket as a jacket for 3 months afterwards. Everywhere we went she got oohs and ahhs - look at the pink kitty, the little piggy, etc. It was so adorable and so worth the money!
            • Deirdre
              Yay! So excited!