New Hairdorables Pets are Officially in Canada!

New Hairdorables Pets are Officially in Canada!

Watch out, parents. I bet you're going to hear a lot of requests for these soon. If Hairdorables were a huge hit at your house, get ready for what's next: Hairdorables Pets.

These are the newest additions to the Hairdorables squad. They're cute, cuddly and they have lots of hair to spare.

Each pet has a unique personality and comes with their own brush, two accessories, two stickers, an adoption card and a collector's list. There are 24 pets to collect, so you might want to get started as soon as you can.

I've seen them in two Canadian stores so far: Toys R Us Canada (where they sell for $8.99 each) and Amazon Canada (where they're an add-on item and $9.99 each). Both stores offer free shipping.

And don't worry – they're still selling the original Hairdorables – and Toys R Us even has them on sale! You can mix and match accessories for the girls and their pets and style all their crazy hair.


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