Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper $19.99 @ Amazon

Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper $19.99 @ Amazon

A few weeks ago, I read an article about the dangers of wire BBQ Brushes and have been looking for a safer option ever since. I think I've found it with these fantastic Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Scrapers. Over on Amazonthey're available for $19.99, I ordered one right away!

If you missed the news pieces, the basic findings are that the wire bristles have been falling off of the brushes, onto the grill, when being cleaned. The problem is, the bristles are then becoming stuck to the food while cooking and ending up lodged in peoples throats, stomachs, etc.

The idea behind the Grill Hogis perfect! Made of sustainable Canadian Sourced Cedar, each Scraper is solid wood and 1" thick. With the grooves cut into the wood itself, to accommodate the grill dimensions, there aren't any bristles to fall off the brushes!

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  • Tiggrr

    They are the same price at Costco (in the store)

    • KaylaS

      This was a huge controversy last summer and all over the news then as well but think I also heard mention of stone scraper alternatives. I never did find a good option for that.