GreenMan Gaming: Mafia II for PC Only $7.49 (Save 75%)

GreenMan Gaming: Mafia II for PC Only $7.49 (Save 75%)

You can't go to a two-hour movie for $7.49 (Don't you DARE email me with all the theaters that charge less that $7.49) so getting a main-stream, big game house PC game for that much is absolutely fantastic. Pick it up and see why the cult follows this franchise!

The game is normally $29.95 but after the savings of $22.46 you only pay $7.49.

I see this game all the time. I don't mean that I see it in the bargain bin or in the middle of some huge list of games for sale, I mean I see this one front and center on store shelves and featured in sales. Why is a two year old game garnering these type of placements? I'll tell you why! Just settle down a little bit, geez.

Calmed down? Okay, good. I thought I was going to have to kneecap some folks. The first Mafia game did okay commercially but garnered a cult following. It also did very well critically. So fast forward eight years, release a sequel, and you get quotes like this "Mafia II is quite possibly my most loved PC game of all time. It has so much style and class you could drown in it. The cars, the clothes, the music, and the setting all fit so well together it's just crazy."

That is, from what I can gather, how most people feel. It isn't that the game itself is absolutely amazing, it's that the story and the world are so well executed thet you cannot help but love it. Most of the reviews on GreenMan are positive with the obligatory hateful reviews and some people with legit concerns.

Overall it seems like a fun game and for $7.49 you really can't go wrong. This is a PC download.

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