Globo Shoes Canada: 50% Off Winter Boots

Globo Shoes Canada: 50% Off Winter Boots


Globo Shoes Canada is offering 50% off the regular price of all their clearance items. This includes a good selection of winter boots just in time for the cold season in most of Canada.

I decided to focus on well-known winter gear brands in this post as their quality has already been well established.


The Columbia Felstead boot is my top recommendation from this sale purely because it is a fantastic looking winter boot and it is available in sizes six through 11. On top of that, this boot is super warm. It is certified for down to minus 32 degrees, which is certainly a temperature that a good portion of Alberta seems to hit every winter. This boot laces up for perfect tightness and features a good strong tread for grip. Originally $99.99, it is on sale for $50. For the men, these Vanka boots come in size 7 and 8 right now. They look rugged and are sure to be your feet's best friend. Originally $139.99, they are now $70.


These Storm boots by Cougar are certified for down to minus 24 degrees Celsius and feature a waterproof lower and upper to keep your feet dry and warm. With an aggressive tread, you can hike up a hill or treat through snow in comfort. Lucky size six feet should grab these while they can for just $50, originally $99.99. There is another pair of Cougar winter boots on sale for $70, was $139.99 in size six available as well, but the one review they have is rather poor. For men, these Cougar Iacopetto boots are certified for minus 30 degrees and come in sizes 7 or 10. Originally $99.99, they are now $50.

The North Face

The North Face makes an aggressive hiking boot for women that are oddly enough in the winter section. Unfortunately, Globo gives no information about the boot so I can only assume that it is built warmer for winter hikes. It features a HydraSeal outer, which locks out moisture. Originally $129.99, they are now on sale for $65. There are many sizes still in stock.

As we are just heading into the season where you will be getting some good use out of these boots, I thought this was a very appropriate post for this time of year. I hope these deals help Moosers looking for winter footwear.

Globo Shoes offers free shipping on orders over $50.

(Expiry: 10th November 2014)


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