Gifts For Dad! Dress Shirts From $20, Ties From $15 @ The Bay

Gifts For Dad! Dress Shirts From $20, Ties From $15 @ The Bay

Here's a great deal - just in time for Father's Day! This deal is actually a pretty crazy one. The lowest I have seen The Bay sell their dress shirts for was back in December - when they were $30. Right now you can get Men's Dress Shirts for $55 off and Boxed Silk Ties for $50 off. So you will pay $19.99 for the tops, and $14.99 for the ties. Crazy - right?! Plus - there are a couple different shipping options available.

For the dress shirts, there are 3 pages of shirts available that were originally priced up to $75. The brands include Kenneth Cole New York, and Tommy Hilfiger styles. The ties have the same two brands, but the original prices of the boxed silk ties were $65. There are tons of options.

Personally, I would grab the Tommy Hilfiger Regular-Fit Grid Check Dress Shirtbecause I love my man in purple. There are several ties that would suit him as well, but I really like the Tommy Hilfiger Paisley Silk Tie. When browsing through, I did notice that some of the shirts and ties are a little more expensive - but the deals are still fab. So have a browse through and pick your perfect pair for your perfect man.

If you have a HB Credit Card, you'll get free shipping on orders over $45. Otherwise you will need to spend $99 or more for free shipping. Their flat-rate shipping costs are pretty inexpensive as well though, if you only want a dress shirt or two it would still be well worth it.

(Expiry: 15th June 2016)


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