GoPro Hero4, + 2 Free Acessories! $550 After $150 Discount + 50% Off GoPro Accessories @ Microsoft Store Canada

GoPro Hero4, + 2 Free Acessories! $550 After $150 Discount + 50% Off GoPro Accessories @ Microsoft Store Canada

Having a GoPro Hero 4 would truly be handy as a high def. sports and action recorder when you have kids and pets. I'm still using a basic point and shoot camera, and the video settings can't even remotely compare to the settings on this beautiful camera. The size, portability, and high quality video features of this Go Pro Hero4 all beckon to me. So do the two free accessories! You can add two accessories to your cart for free, after adding the GoPro Hero4 Black camera to your cart.

The GoPro Hero4 Black is on sale for $550, which is $150 off right now at the Microsoft Store Canada. When I compared this price to other local online retailers, their selling price is the same as the $700 regular price on this camera, and they were not offering two free accessories, which makes this deal from Microsoft Canada a BIG deal!

The specs on this cam are amazing, even when compared to their debut models: With a processor and frame rates that are twice as powerful and fast than older GoPros, the HERO4 Black is the most advanced GoPro camera to date. So even if you already have a GoPro that was purchased when they first came out, this one is worth taking a look at!

The main selling point of this GoPro Hero4 is probably the resolution and clarity being a very high 4K 1080p resolution at 120 frames per second. The videos you take of everything would be incredibly crisp and clear to watch on a big TV! The audio system on this cam captures clean, high-fidelity sound.

Besides being a video camera, guess what!? It doubles as a camera that captures high-quality 12MP photos at speeds of up to 30 frames per second, so there are all kinds of settings to play around with, whether you are an amateur or a pro. It didn't even occur to me that people can use these as cameras, but this makes me consider purchasing this even more now.

I just 'pretend added it' to my shopping cart - was sort of on the fence because it's a bigger purchase. Then the entire list of accessories that I can get for free (You can select 2!) showed up right before my eyes. You can choose the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp worth $73, or the dog harness with a value of $88. There are various chest harnesses for yourself, with the usual retail price being around $50. One useful accessory to select for free is the battery pack, it's worth $73.

You may want to purchase more than two accessories, and if so, they will be 50% off!

Shipping is Free!

(Deal expiry: June 19, 2016, while supplies last.)


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