Get Paid To Tell Your Parenting Tales @ Yummy Mummy Club

Get Paid To Tell Your Parenting Tales @ Yummy Mummy Club

I am still telling the story about that time I blamed the dog for pooping on the floor and found out later that it wasn't the dog. Do you have a funny or touching parenting or birth story to tell? Yummy Mummy Club is paying parents from across Canada to share their Mom and Dad tales on video or in written articles.

The birth or parenting stories will be showcased in an original video and written series licensed to CBC. What are they looking for?

Yummy Mummy Club is looking for everything from birth stories to blooper reels, from spit your wine out laughs to 'all the feels'. They are not looking for professional models or actors. Instead they want to showcase real Canadian parents.

Not sure what stories to tell? Yummy Mummy Club is open to anything but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How you've survived crazy stuff your kids have done
  • Touching or remarkable birth stories
  • Family stories and/or parenting journeys
  • Navigating parenting in the digital age
  • Relationships (failures and successes)

Once you have gulped down your wine and got your creative juices flowing you can submit your stories to Yummy Mummy Club for their consideration.

The deadline to apply is Monday January 30 at 9 pm EST. Only those whose stories have been chosen to be featured will be contacted.

Poop stories. Barf stories. Tears. Pee. So many bodily functions to write about. However shall I choose?


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