Get $5 FREE @ Amazon

Get $5 FREE @ Amazon

How easy is it to spend all the monies at Amazon? Well Amazon is handing out an early Easter gift this year. Reload a $100 gift card on Amazon and Amazon will give you a $5 credit FREE.

To collect your bonus, click on the "Click to Qualify button". You will then be asked to reload the balance on your gift card. Once you reload $100 or more, you will receive your $5.oo credit within 24 hours. I received my credit within 5 minutes!

There are some conditions. The $5.00 credit is only awarded when you are reloading your gift card balance for the first time and there is a limit of one $5 credit per account. Please note that the $5 credit expires on June 15th though the money you reloaded onto your gift card will never expire.

The free $5 credit is only available for a limited time so reload your gift card balance now to make sure you get your free $5.

Whoops! I already spent my $5 credit. That sure went fast.


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