Get A Personalized Book Starring Your Pet For $39.99

Get A Personalized Book Starring Your Pet For $39.99

Woof! Meow! Don't forget about the family pet when doing your Christmas shopping this year. How about a personalized book honoring the only family member who licks the floor and drinks out of the toilet? (Well, unless you have a toddler that is.)

The colorful storybook features your little Money-saving Mitsy or Bargain-hunting Brutus leaving your home in search of fame and fortune. But, how will your pet make out on his journey without his beloved owner (that's you!) by his side?

It is so easy to design your book. I did it in just a few minutes. Just click to choose from the many options fitting for cats, dogs and bunnies of every size, color and personality. These books ship for free. You can even add your own message inside the front cover!

I just can't wait to read this book together with my children with our pug splayed across their laps.


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