Get A $50 Indigo Gift Card For $45 @ Shoppers

Get A $50 Indigo Gift Card For $45 @ Shoppers

When I see Chapters-Indigo gift cards on sale, I do a serious happy dance. And it has been a long time since these gift cards been discounted. You can grab $50 Chapters-Indigo gift cards for $45 at Shopper's Drug Mart starting on March 4.

Ten percent off isn't the best deal that we have ever seen on Indigo gift cards. Last fall I found a discount for 20% off. However, I haven't seen these gift cards on sale since that time so I am stocking up. I like to hoard my gift cards and stack them with a great promotion.

Please note that the 10% discount is only available on $50 Indigo branded gift cards. And pay attention when the sales associate rings them in at the cash. I have sometimes found they need to be reminded about the discount. There is usually a little card found by the gift card display that the sales associate can scan if the discount isn't ringing up automatically.

These cards can be redeemed online, as well as in store at Chapters and Coles.

I am faced with a moral dilemma? Gift the cards or keep them for myself?

Keep. Keep. Keep.


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