Get A Boogie Board From $29.99 @ Amazon

Get A Boogie Board From $29.99 @ Amazon

My kids love love love these things. And I love them as well. The girls doodle all day and then with the press of a button, the board is clean and they can start again.

This is art at its finest. There are no broken crayons to pick up. No cleaning a dried-up marker mustache off the baby. And peace and quiet in the car. What is even better? The replaceable coin battery lasts for years. We have had ours for three years and the original batteries are still going strong.

There are several 8.5 inch models available for $29.99 or $30.99. The Boogie Board Play and Trace eWriter is on sale for $39.99.

This thing is as good as wine folks. Ok well almost.


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  • Jo S.

    Love these. I keep them in the car!

    • j_j

      At first i really like is so easily doesn't work. not worth..10$ i use it two weeks. they said just return but i give can get the worse review from indigo..