GameFly: Oldschool PC Strategy Titles Up to 75% Off

GameFly: Oldschool PC Strategy Titles Up to 75% Off


Sometimes you need a little nostalgia and sometimes you need to be cheap. Do both with GameFly and their weekend sale!

How old do I feel right now? GameFly must be run by people born in the mid-90's. When I opened this and saw "OldSchool" games I thought Command and Conquer: Red Alert from 1996 or Warcraft 2 from 1995. Maybe something as new as Diablo 2 from 2000 or Sim City 3 from 1999. But no, alas they are talking about games like Civilization IV from 2005 and 2003's Sim City 4. I thought for a bare second that they were bringing me the 1987 version of Sid Meier's Pirates! But no, it is, quite understandably, the 2004 Remake. There is even a game from 2009, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3! So all that to say, I'm old. When I think that a company is going to try to sell a game from 1987, I'm really old.

But none of that is to say that the mid-90's Executives at GameFly are doing a bad job. In fact, selling a 1987 Video Game would actually be a bad thing. The games they are selling are great so make sure you go and check them out. Two of the games, Civilization IV and Sid Meier's Pirates! are showing as free but that is only if you subscribe to their U.S. only video game rental service. They are on sale like normal if you aren't a member. These are the nine games available:

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