Future Shop Canada: Two Disney Infinity Figures For $15

Future Shop Canada: Two Disney Infinity Figures For $15


Future Shop has a fantastic deal on Disney Infinity figures, which are now two for $15! Regularly they cost $12.99 each, so you are saving $10 for two and you can buy as many as you'd like. Your discount will show up in your cart. Best Buy is also having this sale, so you can choose which store to shop at depending on the availability of your figure.

I noticed that Disney has now come out with the Frozen figures, which I'm sure will be a hot seller, just like anything Frozen. Elsa, of course, is already sold out, which I am sure will make a few kids cry. Rapunzel might be a close second.

My kids have Disney Infinity, but they haven't played it too much. I think a few new figures might give them the incentive. They have about 20 video games but they really only play Mario Bros., and soon I think I'm going to throw that game out because I'm tired of hearing about it. :)

My oldest son would love Jack Skellington, as he doesn't have this guy in his collection.

Both stores offer free shipping with a $20 purchase, so splurge and get yourself four new characters.

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  • Avigayil M.
    OMG these are so cute.