Future Shop Canada: PS4 500GB The Last of Us Remastered And inFAMOUS: Second Son Bundle | Was $520 Now $450

Future Shop Canada: PS4 500GB The Last of Us Remastered And inFAMOUS: Second Son Bundle | Was $520 Now $450


Gaming fans, brace yourself for another enticing deal for a Sony Playstation 4 system! At Future Shop, you can get a PlayStation 4 500GB The Last of Us Remastered & inFAMOUS: Second Son Bundle for $449.99! It normally costs $519.99, so this is a great deal for those that were planning to get a PS4 system. You'll also qualify for free shipping!

This PS4 system bundle includes a 500GB Playstation 4 system, The Last Of Us Remastered (click here to see what I had to say about this fantastic critically acclaimed game), and inFAMOUS: Second Son. That's 2 great games that you'll be getting with your PS4 system!

The Sony PS4 system certainly has some interesting games that will be coming out in the future, including Kingdom Hearts 3 (a game that both Disney and RPG fans would especially enjoy). Now that we're creeping closer towards the holiday season, you'll likely see a PS4 system on many people's "most wanted" lists (both children and adults).

If I were to choose between the Xbox One and the PS4 at this time, I think the PS4 would win my affection first. I think there's just more games that captivate me for the PS4 right now, but I'm still going to wait until it has an even bigger game library available (and who knows? Perhaps the Xbox One will have some fantastic games out by then).

You can normally get the PS4 Last Of Us Bundle for $449.99 at Best Buy. What makes this deal particularly enticing is the fact that it essentially includes inFAMOUS: Second Son for free! You're paying the same amount that you normally would for the PS4 Last Of Us Bundle, but you're getting a free game with it.

Listed below is a brief review of inFAMOUS: Second Son from a satisfied Future Shop customer:

This game is a must buy on PS4 definitely the best game I played on PS4 so far. The graphics are great and the game itself is really fun and challenging to play.

This deal will be in effect until October the 9th. I hope you all enjoy your day, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 9th October 2014)


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