Funkytricycle Canada: Happy Heinys

Funkytricycle Canada: Happy Heinys


Funkytricycle is one of those deal-a-week websites which offers baby and toddler deals in Canada. This week, they have a nice offer on Happy Heinys cloth diapers.

Funkytricycle are offering 3 colours; purple, candy or forest. Each diaper is $14 each. I did a quick online price comparison and found these diapers for $20 at, $21.50 at If you spot them cheaper anywhere else, please let me know in the comments below.

These diapers have loop closures and are one-sized, designed to be worn from birth to potty!  They fit babies from 5lbs to 35lbs.

I’ve never used cloth diapers. I don’t really like the thought of the mess. I do try to be environmentally friendly, but cloth diapers are moving a little out of my comfort zone.

If you live in Victoria, you can collect for free, otherwise Canadian shipping seems to only be $1.50 per diaper.

The site owner Ladena emailed me to tell me about funkytricycle, and here’s what she says:

My sister and I LOVE a good deal and we have been teaming up with some great companies in the US and Canada to bring parents some pretty wicked deals.

By the way, I have subscribed to the mailing list on Funkytricycle, so I will be informed if there are good offers in the future too.

(Ends 7th November 2010)


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  • Meg
    FYI The diapers in this deal do not include inserts, the $21 ones come with two inserts (an insert is required for using the diapers)
    • Janaya
      FYI Cloth diapers are no more mess than disposables! Poops have to be cleaned up and are supposed to be tossed into the toilet regardless (how many people do this with disposables though?) I don't touch the diaper other than to take off and put in a pail which is then dumped into the washing machine. I never have a blow out or leak at the leg or back with my cloth:) I do way less mess clean up in that sense now.
      • Sara
        For sure Meg but they are still cheaper than Baby Kangas ($18) or AMP dipes ($19). They don't come with inserts either. I bought some, can't wait to try them.