This Brand Makes Customized Hair Products

Function of Beauty creates "shampoo and conditioner as unique as you"
This Brand Makes Customized Hair Products

If you're getting fed up with your shower routine, I feel ya. Half the time, I can't tell if my conditioner is working as well as it should, and my hair is DRY (and frizzy) every single winter. It might be because I'm not using products that are specifically designed for my hair type and texture, but those definitely do exist.

Function of Beauty is a company that makes different haircare products and accessories but specializes in custom shampoos and conditioners. All you need to go is complete a quick quiz to choose which hair goals you'd like to achieve, select a colour, pick a fragrance and then (literally) give your creation a name.

I'll admit that I've never ordered from Function of Beauty, mostly because I'm too committed to my salon products. I might try their shampoos and conditioners out later, but right now, I have some way-too-expensive bottles I need to finish off. One of the girls who does my nails has, though, and she really likes them.

I filled out the quiz in a matter of minutes, and Function of Beauty showed me a whole slew of kits and individual products I could order. They carry different bottle sizes, in case you want to just test things out or if you're re-ordering formulas you already know will work for you and your hair. If you create an account, they'll save your quiz results and set up a profile for you – so if you do want to order things again, all the info is there.

This Brand Makes Customized Hair Products

They also offer a subscription plan, so you can receive ongoing deliveries of your personalized products every one, two, three or six months. You can find full details about this option and just about everything else you might want to know in their FAQs. Here are some of the questions I had when I started looking on their site:

Is Function of Beauty vegan?

I had to dive into the Function of Beauty blog to find out this answer, but I can confidently tell you that ALL their products are fully vegan and cruelty free! If you have allergies, though, you might want to pay special attention to the "hair goals" you select as part of their on boarding quiz. I initially said I wanted to replenish my hair, but one of the ingredients they use to do that is chestnut extract – and that's a big nope for me. If you have any specific concerns regarding ingredients, I'd suggest reaching out to Function of Beauty directly.

Do Function of Beauty products come with pumps?

Good question! I once accidentally bought shampoo and conditioner from my old salon when they didn't have pumps in stock. These were HUGE bottles, and I came so close to straining my wrists every time I had to flip them over mid-shower to dispense any product. Luckily, you won't have to worry about that with Function of Beauty. All their shampoos and conditioners come with loose pumps that you can just screw on your bottles. If you already have pumps from previous orders, just decline a new set when you order more products.

Where can I find a Function of Beauty promo code?

Alright, Function of Beauty coupons are a little hard to come by, but it never hurts to check. I don't know if this happens for everybody, but I saw a pop-up on their website advertising a 10% discount on my first order if I signed up for texts. All you need to do is enter your mobile number, and they should send a code!

Does Function of Beauty ship to Canada?

Do you think I'd talk about them if they didn't? Function of Beauty currently ships to select countries around the world, including the United States and some of its territories, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, most countries of the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan and Mexico. There are no extra duties or fees for orders shipped to Canada.

How does Function of Beauty compare to Prose?

Function of Beauty isn't the only company out there that makes custom hair products. Prose Hair follows a similar model to create personalized masks, shampoos and conditioners. I've never tried theirs either, but I took their quiz a few minutes ago. It goes into much more detail than Function of Beauty's. It even asks about environmental factors (including some based off the city or area in which you spend most of your time), your diet, exercise level and other things than can impact your hair. You can't customize the names or colours of your products with Prose, and some reviewers mention that their products are more expensive than those from Function of Beauty. However, it doesn't look like they ship to Canada at this time.

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