From $2 and Up to 70% Off Clearance Toys @ All-Star Learning

From $2 and Up to 70% Off Clearance Toys @ All-Star Learning

I am really pleased with the wide selection of toys and activities for kids at All-Star Learning. There are real toys here too, not only 'educational' toys. By that, I mean there are fun toys all over the website that you will see your children would enjoy playing with. In the clearance section where you can save up to 70% off, I am finding a lot of really good sales; I will share some of them with you, below.

Every kid wants to have a bag of bugs - they really do. Not every Mom wants to deal with a bag of bugs - they really don't! This Melissa & Doug Bag Of Bugs is harmless, and even super cute! For $5 for 10 of these critters, it's a great deal.

Do your kids love blowing bubbles? These Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Bubbles are on sale for $2! The butterfly is so charming!

There is something about babies loving puzzles with farm animals - seems that 'moo', 'baaaa', and 'oink' are always first words learned. This Melissa & Doug First Chunky Farm Animals Puzzle is going to be your baby's favorite puzzle. It's on sale for $8, down from $12.50.

Wooden toys are great for babies and toddlers. For some reason, in our modern days of plastic products, babies are drawn to a more natural product for their toys. This Melissa & Doug First Play Flapping Flower 'clicks and clacks' when you move it around. One side has colorful flower petals and the other side has contrasting yellow and white. This toy is great for baby's hand-eye coordination. It's on sale for only $9, down from $16.

There are some big ticket items, too, and I thought I was going to pick out one or two play sets for you to view, but the selection is so incredibly huge, I really want to include the full link for you to view the Play Kitchens & More! Although shipping on these big items could cost around $30 - $60 depending on where you are in Canada, the deal is still a great one!

For example, this KidKraft Deluxe Culinary Kitchen is on sale for $140 from $230. Shipping to Toronto, ON, is $30, totaling only $170! View below for additional info. on shipping.

Don't forget to check out the cute Gourmet Grill for your aspiring Bobby Flay, it's beyond adorable. It's on sale for $15o, from $165. It may not be as good of a discount as some of the others had, but shipping is free on this grill, making the deal a fantastic price!

Please view shipping pricing and details here as it varies considerably. Shipping generally starts at around $10 if your order is under $24, or $8 if your order is from $24 - $49. Orders over $49 will generally receive $10 worth of free shipping. Larger items such as play kitchens, etc. can range from $30 - $60.

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