Freshpair: Fall Clearance

Freshpair: Fall Clearance


Freshpair, that place for all your underwear, is having a Fall Clearance sale with up to 65% off men and women's under-things!

Freshpair is not a Canadian company but we post about them because they offer amazing deals on your undergarment needs. They use to have free shipping to Canada on all orders but they recently instated a minimum. So you can get free shipping from Freshpair to Canada with orders of $50 USD or more.

I like quoting Mooser K, because I think it shows how good a deal you can get and how badly things are marked up in general stores:

Freshpair’s a great company. I ordered a bra from them that was around $140 here … and I got it for $60 US plus about $10 in duties from Freshpair. What a bargain! Also, I believe the company has a customer-friendly return policy if something doesn’t fit quite right.

Thanks K!

Off on a little tangent about markup, some lady tried to sell my mother a 'mystic topaz' pendant for $280. I encouraged my mother NOT to buy it and then looked it up online. First off, what they were selling is not a mystic topaz... mystic topazes are generally rainbow and they can be narrowed depending on the colour spectrum you want, but I could find NONE that looked like what they were selling. Secondly: The most expensive (given this was for loose stone, though already cut) was $60 + about $10 shipping.

Sometimes I feel like the world is just trying to rip people off.


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