FREE Tea for Teachers This Weekend @ Davids Tea

FREE Tea for Teachers This Weekend @ Davids Tea


Davids Tea is celebrating teachers of all sorts with a free tea of the day for all teachers, ECEs, and teaching assistants. In fact - reading their Facebook page - it looks like they are pretty lenient on what kind of teacher you are (like home school teachers) as long as you are honest.

This freebie is on all weekend for teacher in need of a little tea time. According to sources, you will be able to choose from two tea options per day. On Saturday, choose from Cherry Blossom and Forever Nuts. I have Forever Nuts in my tea collection as it is an incredibly delicious tea and great for when you do not know what tea you want. On Sunday, choose from Honeycrisp Apple and Peanut Butter Cup.

I have TOTALLY wanted to taste the new peanut Butter cup tea because I love peanut butter and chocolate together. Who doesn't? I have heard that this tea is delicious and I really want to get some. Unfortunately, I am not a teacher so I am so jealous of you guys who get to try a full cup of it for free!

I think Honeycrisp Apple might be a really nice fall tea because apple pie and ice cream is what I am really craving right now. What a warm and yummy fall flavour! I am not a cherry fan when it comes to liquids (only actual cherries and cherry pie), so that flavour would be lost on me. However, these all sound like yummy options and I like that you get a choice as to what tea you want so if you don't like apple you can get peanut butter cup and if you don't like nuts you can go for cherries.

This offer is valid Saturday and Sunday.

(Expiry: 20th Sunday 2015)


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