Free Stickers, Magazine & Comic Books @ PETA Kids Canada

Free Stickers, Magazine & Comic Books @ PETA Kids Canada


PETA wants to put a spotlight on kids with some free items. If your little one loves stickers, comic books or magazines, then complete the quick form to have some freebies sent to you from PETA Canada. These free items are a great way to educate your child about animal rights.

The PETA stickers for kids are so cute. These are a cool way to spread the word about animal rights. I really like the sticker with the baby chick on it that says, "I am not a nugget". While I do enjoy my bacon, I totally dig these stickers too.

You can also get four free comics from PETA Kids' Canada. These comics include: A Dog's Life, A Cow's Life, A Rat's Life and A Chicken's Life. The description says that these books will teach children about testing labs, where leather comes from and more. If I were you, I would take a good look at these books before handing them over to your child. Just to make sure they are not depressing.

Last but not least, there is a free Kids' Guide to Helping Animals magazine. This PETA magazine will help your child learn how to be a hero for animals. Inside the magazine you will find tips on topics like protecting wildlife as well as cruelty free products. There is also an inside scoop on which Hollywood celebrities are helping animals and why. You will even find puzzles, stickers and quizzes inside this guide.

I also found a lot of other interested features on the PETA Kids website. They have an easy vegan cupcake recipe, an article about why indoor cats are the happiest cats, sweet vegan treats and more. While I personally do not wish to become a vegan, these articles and recipes still appeal to me.

I ordered this freebie for myself anyway, the stickers are so cute I couldn't resist. We will have to wait and see what the books and guide are like before I read them to my son. What about you, did you order this freebie?

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