Free Sample Of Immunity-FX

Free Sample Of Immunity-FX


On the Immunity-FX website, they are giving out free samples and coupons if you register with them.

The link to this is in the middle of the above page - look for the "live healthy quiz." You have to complete a short survey, so make sure you click the box that says, "by checking this box you will receive a free Umminuity-FX product sample." Then in the T&Cs is says:

Your sample request will be processed promptly and shipped out to you as quickly as possible. Subject to Canada Post delivery times, you should receive your sample in the mail within two weeks.

They'll also send you a free $5 coupon which you can use towards a future purchase.


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  • Avigayil
    I JUST got mine today. Huh, almost 6 months. There was no coupon with it, however it is a good size sample - 14 (250 mg) capsules. With the way Daniel and I have been feeling lately it has come at a great time. :-)