"Free" Olympic Hockey Shirts - With Cereal Purchase

"Free" Olympic Hockey Shirts - With Cereal Purchase


In my houses, we love these promotions (we also have like 30 boxes of cereal at one time on average). In participating boxes of cereal you can get a code for a free hockey shirt. You buy the box of cereal, and go to the website below to redeem your code.

These are nice looking long sleeved shirts, so worth the $5 or so you will spend on the cereal. This is offered by General Mills so some of the qualifying cereals are:

  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 720 g
  • Multi-Grain Cheerios 560 g
  • Cheerios 525 g
  • Honey Nut Cheerios 685 g
  • Lucky Charms 680 g
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch 700 g
  • Nesquik 700 g
  • Reese Puffs 755 g
  • Fibre 1 Honey Clusters 700 g
  • Oatmeal Crisp Almond 710 g
  • Oatmeal Crisp* Maple Nut 700 g

Basically, look at the box: if it has the "free hockey shirt" banner on the top, it qualifies. There are 340,000 of these shirts available. When Kellogg's did this with athletic soccer shirts we got 2 free shirts, and ate the cereal (Froot Loops, yummy)!

See the website for the fine print.


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  • Andrew C.
    Sweet deal! This is one of the best deals I've seen in some time on cereals. Totally worth it even if the cereal isn't on sale. Thanks for the heads up.
    • Ashley
      Awesome! Just got this in the mail today. Fits great and quick shipping. Thanks Bargainmoose :)