Free Magazine Subscriptions @ Magzter Canada

Free Magazine Subscriptions @ Magzter Canada


As the temperature drops, we will be finding more things to do inside in the comfort of our home. If you enjoy a good read of a magazine, then perhaps you would be interested in some free magazine subscriptions? Sounds wonderful, right? Well is an online digital newsstand and they have oodles of free magazine subscriptions available for any average person. These free mags vary from sports magazines to fashion to recipes, whatever you want to read about is probably here for you, for free!

The list of free magazines from seems to be endless. I had a quick scroll through and found 3 different magazines I would be interested in reading, so hopefully you find something as well. I have thrown together a quick list of some of the eye grabbing titles, but keep in mind that there are hundreds to choose from.

Anyway, here is my quick list of some of the free magazine subscriptions available from Magzter Canada:


  • Kraft What's Cooking
  • Menu
  • The Tomato Food & Drink
  • Yum (Gluten Free)

Home & Life:

  • Divorce Magazine
  • Local Parent
  • Play
  • Royalty Living
  • At Home
  • Life With Teens

Crafts & DIY:

  • Quilt Social

Sporting & Outdoors:

  • Where
  • Motorwerks Magazine
  • Pacific Rim
  • Ski Europe
  • Horses

Fashion & Beauty:

  • Chloe
  • OMG Digital Magazine

As you can tell, there really is something for everyone. Considering these magazines are free to subscribe to, you really can't complain at all. There are magazines about Living With Teenagers or cooking Barbados food (Menu Barbados), so here is your chance to learn about different cultures or even explore your own culture even more so. If your husband loves cars or race cars, there are plenty of magazines in that department to choose from as well

All of these magazines from are totally free, so you have nothing to lose. Sign up and get started, be sure to let us know what you think of your Magzter experience. These magazines are digital so you can read them from anywhere without the inconvenience of actually lugging books or magazines around everywhere you go.

Moosers, what free digital magazine did you subscribe to?

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