Free Glasses For Back to School - No Strings Attached @ Loblaw Companies

Free Glasses For Back to School - No Strings Attached @ Loblaw Companies

Back to School is almost here. If your child needs glasses, then you are probably dreading that expense. I remember my mom paying hundreds of dollars for my glasses - so I am glad my son doesn't need them at this point. There is hope though! Loblaws Stores are hosting the Kids See Free Program - which means if you have a prescription, you can get a free pair of glasses for your kid at your local Loblaws, RCSS, etc. that has an Optical department.

Getting some free glasses for your kiddo is quite simple. Find a Loblaws, RCSS etc. near you that has a Loblaw Optical within the store. Then ask the Licensed Optician about the offer. You will need a prescription for your child that has been issued with the past 3 months, and your child must be between the ages of 4 and 10. You won't qualify, however, if you have claimed a free pair of glasses via the Kids See Free Program within the past year.

You'll want to visit LoblawStores.cato find a store near you. On the check list below where you enter your postal code, be sure to check off "Optical" so that only stores with the required department show up. The stores included in this offer are No Frills, Extra Foods, Real Canadian Superstore, Fortinos, Loblaws, Atlantic Superstore, Wholesale Club, and more. The list is quite extensive, so chances are you'll have a store near you that has an Optical area.

This is quite a rare offer if you ask me! How often can you say that you have received a totally free pair of glasses for your child? Nowadays, not many people have benefits either - so this is huge. Especially when you consider all the other back to school expenses that one has to deal with right now.


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  • Rae-Lynne C.

    . Something to really look into!

    • Meghan A.

      might be worth looking into!

      • Kristina D.

        Aw man, I already ordered them. Good to know though maybe I can get a second pair.

        • Caley D.

          Too late. Plus mine were all covered anywya

          • Annic C.

            Kids aged 4-10

            • Joe71

              Free glasses! Why not? I did this deal for my daughter when she was 10. For an extra pair of glasses, for free? No brainer! 

              • Jaci K.

                Won't work if it's ages 4-10