Free $25 Credit With Sign Up @ ZipCar

Free $25 Credit With Sign Up @ ZipCar

Here's an exclusive new offer for you guys! First time members can get a free $25 credit to use with Zipcar Canada when you sign up using our special link.

Zipcar services are great for almost anyone. You can get a car anytime, any day for hours or days at a time. This is especially great for residents of cities like Toronto, where the cars are readily available in many parking lots across the city. Now you even have a free $25 credit to get you started. It can't get much better than that.

Zipcar is simple enough to use that even my Grandmother could use it. Just download the app or join online. Be sure to follow our special link to do so, or you won't receive your free $25 credit. Once you are approved, you will get a magical Zipcard that will unlock thousands of cars around the world for you to drive. You can book your very own Zipcar for an hour or even a week, whatever you need.

Just tap your Zipcard to the windshield of your nearest Zipcar and ta-da! The doors will unlock and you can be off on a journey. When you are done with the car, park it back in the same spot and scan your Zipcard again to lock it all back up. They even include gas in their prices! Fill up your Zipcar with the gas card from inside the car. You can drive up to 180 miles, and each additional mile is $0.10 each.

At one time these Zipcars were only available in Toronto and Vancouver, but now they are allover the place. I live in a very small town outside of the Greater Toronto Area and there are seven Zipcars local to me right now. There are different annual plans for Zipcar. Honestly, this sounds so much more affordable than owning your own vehicle. You can get the occasional driving plan which has a $30 one-time application fee and a $70 annual fee. The driving rate start at $9.25/hour or $79 per day. Or you can get the other plans:

  • Monthly Driving Plan - $7 per month plus $9.25 per hour or $79 per day. The $30 one-time fee applies to this option as well. With the $25 discount you would pay just $13 to get started.
  • Extra Value - $50 per month plus $8.33 per hour or $71.10 per day. The $30 one-time fee applies to this option as well. If you use Zipcar a lot, this is the way to go. That's about 6 hours or pre-paid driving at the reduced rates.

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