Free Canucks Fan Pack

Free Canucks Fan Pack

Free Canuck Fan Pack

Fans of Vancouver Canucks will love this free Canucks fan pack.

The Canuck Fan Pack includes 4 random player cards, a Canuck Sticker, and a temporary Tattoo. Simply fill out the contact info and they will send it to you as soon as they can, considering the high volume of requests they must receive.

Being the goalie in net during our Olympic Gold Medal game, Roberto Luongo has definitely made a place for himself as one of my favourite players. You lucky Canuck fans get free stuff, although I must admit, I'm a Leaf fan all the way. Which NHL team do you support?


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  • Ashley J.
    This fan pack is not just for residents of Vancouver. It's for people all around the world! :D Go Canucks!
    • dawn
      good luck I ordered and it never came in .
      • jessia h.
        i would be happy if you could send me a fan pack. I would be very pleased if you could fulfill my wish Sincerely jessica *** ** Mod edit - please don't post personal details here