Fred & Friends LEGO Inspired Utensil Set $12.59 @ Seller ZYV

Fred & Friends LEGO Inspired Utensil Set $12.59 @ Seller ZYV

I immediately fell in love with this Fred and Friends Snack N Stack Utensil Set. Can you see why!? This little range of kitchen accessories is selling like hot cakes, and I had to grab a set for both the kids' school lunches and myself. These LEGO themed cutlery pieces are designed for little hands, and are going to inspire your little one to eat. Today they are on sale for $12.59 including shipping and handling at

This set is made by Fred and Friends, CA but is shipped and sold by the Amazon Seller: ZYV. Hence, you will get free shipping even though the item is not over $35.

The utensils all have LEGO like attachments - so maybe you can even have some fun and build the spoon to look like an airplane when feeding your kiddo breakfast. While it's not actually LEGO branded, it is in the LEGO style in that the pieces can actually connect together! Or you can just try out this Fred and Friends Fork One Kids Utensil which is $13 right now.


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