Forever 21 Canada: Spring Deals Starting As Low As $3

Forever 21 Canada: Spring Deals Starting As Low As $3


Winter has lingered around for far too long, so get ready for true spring weather with spring deals starting at just $3 at Forever 21!

Although the only $3 deal I found is on the cool square sunglasses, there are nevertheless some pretty cool deals to be had for a fraction of the price. Considering how pricey men's shorts often are, the frayed denim shorts at $14 (reg. $21.80) are definitely a steal.

It has always boggled my mind to see swimwear priced at over $50 per piece. That's absolutely unnecessary ridiculousness in my view, especially when you're only paying for a couple of inches of fabric. This being said, I actually found a lovely desert chevron bikini at Forever 21 with both the top and the bottom priced at $5.80 each. It's available in either a neon green/coral or seafoam/ neon coral, both of which look absolutely adorable despite the names (they're actually not very neon at all).

Other than that, it looks like Maxi dresses are still very much in fashion as well and although it's not $3, you can, however, get the easy geo maxi dress for just $14 instead of its regular price of $18.80.

As usual, free shipping is also automatically applied to all orders over $60.

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