Emergency Hand Crank USB Phone Charger $3.79 + Free Shipping Emergency Hand Crank USB Phone Charger $3.79 + Free Shipping


Get some juice in the middle of an emergency with this hand crank USB phone charger from FocalPrice!

This charger is only $3.79 and they have free worldwide shipping. This same unit on Amazon is $4.75, but is not sold by Amazon Canada. Other units like this can range all the way up to $70 or more.

Why in the world would you want to hand charge your phone? Well, for emergencies, basically. Winter is coming and you know that somewhere, a metric pant-load of ice is going to fall and take out the power for a week. You're going to want to conserve juice, but eventually the battery is going to die and you're going to want to make a phone call to make sure a relative is okay or call 911 to report an emergency.

For the sake of $3.79 (with free shipping) this is a no-brainer. It's the same concept as the old dynamo camping radios you may have had when you were a kid, or even the new high tech ones they sell now. You turn the crank, it produces electricity and charges anything plugged into the USB. Now, a hand crank USB charger is a terribly inefficient unit, so you really have to crank this thing like a crazy person to get any power out of it. This isn't something you're going to power the phone up with every morning. It's an emergency-only kind of thing.

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