Firmoo Coupon Code: Two Pairs of Glasses for Only $49 + Free Shipping

Firmoo Coupon Code: Two Pairs of Glasses for Only $49 + Free Shipping


Get two pairs of prescription glasses for only $49 with free shipping from Firmoo.

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  • Coupon Code: 2FOR49
  • Discount: Two pairs for $49 + free shipping
  • Expiry: 31st October 2013

The internet has done a lot of great stuff. One of those things is allowing retailers to show us how inexpensive products actually are. This is nowhere more obvious to me than with glasses. Glasses are a sore point for me because a crooked optometrist rolled in to town when I was a kid and prescribed glasses to everyone who came through his office. Of course you could conveniently buy your frames and get your lenses at his shop. My mom was one of the people who was duped by him and she bought me glasses for years and they were hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Nowadays you can get glasses for hundreds of dollars or you can go to Firmoo, use this coupon and get two pairs of glasses, with prescriptions, shipped to your house for only $49, everything included. It blows me away that these crooks at the traditional bricks and mortar stores can look their customers in the eyes as they sell these overpriced pieces of bent wire and plastic. They have over 80 pairs to choose from in this sale and they are all normally $39. So that means you're saving $29 plus whatever your shipping would be which, for me, is usually around $8.

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  • Bea
    Ooh, two separate professions... optician dispenses the corrective Rx, the optometrist checks and prescribes. Analogy, is like, yelling at your doctor for the pharmacist's dispensing fee... For first timers, a real person is nice to have to do the fit up. If you're an old patient, with lotsa eyewear, you probably have a good idea on what measurements and quirks your lenswear needs.