Finish Canada: $5 Mail In Rebate When You Spend $15

Finish Canada: $5 Mail In Rebate When You Spend $15


There have been some really great mail in rebates lately and here is another one to add to the list.  When you spend $15 or more on Finish products, you can use this mail in rebate to get $5 back on your purchases.

This form is on the Finish Facebook page so you will need to "Like" then in order to do it.  If you want though, you can grab your form and "unlike" them right after so you don't get updates in your news feed.

You will have all the way up until July 16th to make your Finish purchases and you will be able to use coupons towards them to save yourself even more money.  Since coupons are considered legal tender, technically you can use $15 worth of coupons towards your purchases and actually make $5 with this mail in rebate.

All rebates must be received no later than August 28, 2014 to get your refund. There is a limit of one mail in rebate per person per household.

Additionally, all of the $15 worth of Finish products must be purchased at the same time and be on the same receipt.  You will not be allowed to submit separate receipts for different products for your $15 total.  All of the products totalling $15 or more before taxes must be on the same receipt in order to get the $5 cash back. The UPC codes must be hand written at the bottom and the Finish products circled on the receipt.

It may sound very basic to fill out, but companies tend to be very picky with these mail in rebates and if you do not do exactly what they tell you to do on the form, they will not issue the refund.

In the end, this is a great way to save money on your groceries.

(Expiry: 28th July 2014)


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