Farwest Men's Enderby Sandals $9.99 @ Mark's

Ideal for the hotter months!
Farwest Men's Enderby Sandals $9.99 @ Mark's

I could pretend that I'm going to buy these for my other half but the reality is I will buy them with the intention of them being for my other half. The thing is I will steal them at every opportunity... to take the trash out, get the dog in, collect the mail. Anyway, these Farwest Men's Enderby Sandals are a bargain at just $9.99 from Mark's.

Farwest Men's Enderby Sandals

The Farwest Men's Enderby Sandals are available in sizes 8 through to 13, and are great for kicking about the home as well as using down the beach, or by the pool/

They have wide straps and adjustable buckles so you can get them to fit perfectly. The midsoles are ergonomic so your feet get adequate support.

Easy to keep clean and they won't ever stink even if they get wet as they are made from 100% EVA.

Mark's offer a free store pick-up service or you can opt for Home Delivery which is chargeable unless you're spending $99.


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