The Newest Skincare Trend? Mask Sticks

It's like roll-on sunscreen or deodorant – but for your face
The Newest Skincare Trend? Mask Sticks

Call me a princess, but the one thing that keeps me from putting on face masks as often as I probably should is just how messy they can get. I can't stand when activated charcoal or some other goop gets stuck into all the crevices of my hands – especially if I just got my nails done.

But there's something on the market that could make applying face masks WAY easier: sticks. Now, I won't pretend these are a brand-new thing. Stick face masks have been around for a little while now, but they're definitely gaining in popularity. Brands like Olay, Yes To and even Sephora Collection are hopping on the bandwagon and creating their own face mask sticks. So how do they work?

Some of the first and most famous face mask sticks are from Milk Makeup, the same company behind those primer, highlighter, bronzer and serum sticks. Basically, if you can fit it into a tube, they sell it – and that applies to solid face masks, too. They just launched a new Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Hydrating Face Mask that comes in a stick, sells for $32 and appears to be exclusive to Sephora Canada for now.

Basically, you apply the mask evenly to damp or dry skin (as you would for pretty much any other mask). The only difference? You don't have to get your hands dirty! Plus, if you use a towel to wash it off after, you can keep that mani looking fresh (and hopefully avoid a messy disaster in your sink).

Milk Makeup says their mask sticks are concentrated, so it should only take five to 10 minutes to get their full benefits. You can also use them as spot treatments for any problem areas.

But if you're looking for something a little more affordable, check this out. Sephora Collection launched their own! This Sephora Collection Mask Stick comes in four varieties that each target a specific skincare issue – and they're just $11 a piece. You can practically buy three of them for the price of one Milk Makeup mask. They do look a little like stick deodorant, so just make sure you read your labels carefully before applying!

As for another affordable option, there's always the Olay Glow Boost White Charcoal Clay Mask, which sells for $12.98 at Walmart. Try it or any other stick masks out? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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