EZPZ Placemat Dishes from $18.36 Shipped

Here's one way to keep your kid's foods from touching!
EZPZ Placemat Dishes from $18.36 Shipped

Whether you're a parent or a babysitter, mealtime can be a nightmare. Food somehow gets EVERYWHERE in the room – except in your kiddo's mouth. That can especially be a pain when you're travelling and trying to feed your family without somehow dropping snacks all over the food court or the floor of an airplane.

Enter EZPZ. They're a baby product company that's all about making mealtimes easier on the go, and they invented all-in-one placemats and dishes that stick directly to a table or other surface – which means everything is contained in the same spot, and it should be super tough for your kids to flip these on the floor.

But I didn't even get to the best part yet. Because they have select baby feeding essentials on sale this week, Chapters Indigo has EZPZ mats on sale from just $18.36! And since they're running a mid-week free shipping promotion at the same time, any EZPZ order will ship for FREE until midnight!

I absolutely love the EZPZ Happy Mat. It comes in a few different colours and is made up of a tray with three sections that form a smiley face. Since parts of the tray are sectioned off, they're perfect for kids who hate when different foods touch. You can split their meal up and (hopefully) keep things clean at the same time.

They also make other dishes, like the Mini Bowl Placemat that is perfect for infants (who eat smaller portions) or for just popping in your diaper bag whenever you're travelling. Plus, it's down to just $18.36!

And if you really want to cut down on spills, Chapters also sells Bella Tunno Wonder Bowls. Each one has a suction cup on the bottom that lets you stick it directly to a table or high chair tray, so your little ones shouldn't be able to flip them on the ground every few minutes – which is definitely a win in my book.

If you shop today (or during another free shipping promo), all orders ship free. Otherwise, you need to spend $25 or have your order sent to a store if you want to qualify for free delivery.

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