Want, Need, Wear, Read Gift Tags @ Etsy

There are even some you can personalize for each family member
Want, Need, Wear, Read Gift Tags @ Etsy

I know Christmas is more than 11 months away, but just bear with me here. By now, chances are you've either heard of or used the four-gift method, which can help you reduce just how much stuff you give and accumulate over each holiday season. All it means is that you give the following instead of stockings and boxes full of gifts: something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.

It's a principle I haven't employed yet, but I'm definitely considering doing something similar if and when I have kids of my own. But if it's something you want to try or have already established in your home, you might want to take a look at few things I found at Etsy. These are four-gift method tags you can use over and over again!

Most of them are wooden, like these Want, Need, Wear, Read Gift Tags that you can order in sets of four tags (one for each kind of gift) with one, two, three, four or five tags bearing each word. These packs start at $8.83 and ship from the United Kingdom. Just use a ribbon to tie them on when Christmas rolls around.

There are also options like these Personalized Wood Gift Tags that you can customize with the name of every person in your family. My parents, siblings and I actually invested in tags like these years ago, and we still use them every holiday season. We wrote our names on them, but these add a bit more of a fancy touch.

You can search Etsy and find even more options, but I'll just leave you with one that I thought was pretty freakin' cool. This Set of 7 Clear Acrylic Gift Tags takes the four-gift method further to including something to do, something for fun and something to share. I absolutely love these additions, and a set starts at $24.98.

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