Photo Gift Boxes from $46.90 @ Etsy Canada

You can personalize each box with 13 photos and even stash a present inside
Photo Gift Boxes from $46.90 @ Etsy Canada

I love the idea of wrapping gifts. I spend time tracking down the perfect thing to give somebody close to me, I buy the fancy paper, stamps, tags and bows ... but then I can't seem to put it all together in the end. I'm slowly improving, but my skills are pretty weak when it comes to actually packaging up presents.

That's one of the reasons why I turn to gift boxes so often, and I just found a bunch at Etsy that can help you further personalize what you give and how you wrap it. When your loved one opens a box, they'll unfold photos, notes, drawings, messages or anything else you want to include, on their way to unwrapping a teeny gift.

The foldable box is magnetic, so you can even stick it (laid out flat) on your fridge afterward. And honesty, you have to look at these Etsy photos to truly understand what I'm talking about. They're currently on sale from $46.90 each, instead of $55.18, and they come with a wooden box to hide your treasures.

The link above will take you to one particular pattern I liked, but there are dozens of different photo boxes available, all made by California-based Etsy seller Lovin' Box. It looks like they're all currently on sale, and you should be able to find something for just about every occasion. I wish I had heard of these before, because I would've loved to give this "Hey There, Gorgeous" one to my maid of honour last year.

Since Mother's Day is only a few months away now, you might want to look at this Mother's Day Photo Box. You can fill it with photos from your childhood or messages from your kids, along with a little trinket. I mean, you could even hide one of these Birthstone Ring Sets (that's also from Etsy) inside!

Full instructions for uploading, editing and submitting your photos are available in the product description, so make sure you read those fully before ordering. Shipping to Canada is an extra $10.90 or so.

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